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Report A Hacker

Post by Legend<3 on Sun 2 Jul - 3:57

If you spotted a hacker, make a new topic and post it like this.

Name: [HackerName]

GR ID: [GameRangerID]

Server: [ServerName]

Hack: [KindOfHack]

Proove: [VideoLink]

If you don't know how to record inside game , download fraps or bandicam Links are down. (demo version) (demo version)
Remember this: fraps taking long memory on your hard drive so it takes 30 seconds to finish your record. make the video cutted at least 10 with 15 secs.

You can also use Xfire to record videos or screenshots,( )

NOTE: only record players with a clan tag, because there have been so much hacking going on on GameRanger lately. we only want to catch the clan players.


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