READ BEFORE APPLYING:- Appeal For Ban Removal

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READ BEFORE APPLYING:- Appeal For Ban Removal

Post by Legend<3 on Sun 2 Jul - 3:51

If you feel you have been banned unfairly please copy the form below and paste into a new topic and fill out ALL questions. By not answering questions you slow down the process and it may take a lot longer to reach a verdict.


Any abusive language or insulting of others will result in your ban appeal being rejected without warning.

Please allow some time for the admin that banned you to respond with proof.

The Staffs decision is final in all cases, No argument will be entered into.

There is no excuse for hacking a promise to not do it again will be ignored and your appeal rejected.


Gameranger ID?

Who Banned you?

Type of Ban? Permanent Ban or Temporarily Ban

Reason of the Ban?

Date and Time?

Links for Screenshots/Demo to prove your innocence can be uploaded here


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